Monday, December 17, 2007

Tamil bloggers meet at Pondicherry

Last week I had a chance to attend tamil bloggers workshop in pondicherry. The workshop was organised by pondicherry tamil bloggers

This workshop is a continuation of a series of workshops organized by tamil bloggers in various parts of tamilnadu recently.

About 200 members participated in this workshop. Participants were introduced to technical details of creating and maintaining their blogs in tamil language. Its well organized and there were lot of publicity done. Pondicherry Legislative Assembly speaker and Bharathidasan University vice chancellor are some of the noted figures who participated in this workshop.

I took a session on using ekalappai - tamil typing software for windows.

You can the pictures taken in the workshop:

This shows that tamil bloggers are growing in numbers and getting organized.
In this bloggers meet, some of us decided to take tamil computing workshops to next step. Thus "Project Tamil Ready" was born. More details about project tamil ready is in chella's blog.

My assumption is, there are roughly 3000 tamil blogs which is the highest in any Indian language. Even in hindi there are roughly only about 1000 blogs (if anybody else have a disputing figure please feel free to comment).