Saturday, September 18, 2010

eKalappai 3.0 Beta3 released.

eKalappai 3.0 beta3 is released in our project code page -

Features available in "eKalappai 3.0 Beta3 version":
1. Contains following 5 keyboards:
Tamil99 , Phonetic, Typewriter, Bamini, Inscript
2. Single click installer/uninstaller
3. Keyboard shortcut (F2 key) to toggle between English and Tamil keyboards.
4. Users can change the shortcut key

It contains 5 keyboards, has option for the user to change shortcut keys to toggle keyboards. Other than these visible changes, there is a major improvement in the code.

The keyboard logic is re-written to handle scim-tables format which is used by scim project.

All the 5 keyboards available now are in scim-table format. They all reside under keyboards folder inside the installation directory.

This means, users who like to tweak the keyboards, can directly open the keyboard files in a notepad and edit! The format of the keyboard files are very simple and self explanatory, you can view them here.

This scim-tables support opens up possibility to support any language easily. We have to just write a keyboard file using notepad and few changes in source code. So next releases will support more languages !

Keep watching :)