Wednesday, February 10, 2010

eKalappai OSS source code released under GPL v3 licence

I have released the source files for the new eKalappai under GPL V3 license. Its available at this location:

After spending a long time researching and learning in the net I have managed to bring out this opensource version of our popular ekalappai software. I request intrested C++ programmers to play with this code & give feedback. Also you are welcome to join the project and contribute in whatever way(coding, testing, documentation, writing about the project and spread word) possible.

My primary objective was not to use any commercial paid compilers. Also I wanted this code to be as portable as possible so that in future we can get this working in other operating systems. The current working ekalappai is created using Qt(opensource) & VC++ express (this is a free version provided by Microsoft).

It will be possible to remove VC++ express dependency by creating the required dll using Qt. But I havent figured this yet. Hope to do that in future.

I will write a detailed developer documentation on building ekalappai using the code soon. Keep watching the ekalappai project page for updates. Also join our discussions in our mailing list (FreeTamilComputing list).