Monday, December 17, 2007

Tamil bloggers meet at Pondicherry

Last week I had a chance to attend tamil bloggers workshop in pondicherry. The workshop was organised by pondicherry tamil bloggers

This workshop is a continuation of a series of workshops organized by tamil bloggers in various parts of tamilnadu recently.

About 200 members participated in this workshop. Participants were introduced to technical details of creating and maintaining their blogs in tamil language. Its well organized and there were lot of publicity done. Pondicherry Legislative Assembly speaker and Bharathidasan University vice chancellor are some of the noted figures who participated in this workshop.

I took a session on using ekalappai - tamil typing software for windows.

You can the pictures taken in the workshop:

This shows that tamil bloggers are growing in numbers and getting organized.
In this bloggers meet, some of us decided to take tamil computing workshops to next step. Thus "Project Tamil Ready" was born. More details about project tamil ready is in chella's blog.

My assumption is, there are roughly 3000 tamil blogs which is the highest in any Indian language. Even in hindi there are roughly only about 1000 blogs (if anybody else have a disputing figure please feel free to comment).

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tamils Protest in Malaysia

I have lived in Malaysia for about 4 years and have known the problems faced by the tamil community.

I watched with heavy heart some of the videos in the net. The way the peaceful protest were handled by Malaysian authorities is very bad. The world leaders should condemn this.

Ethnic Indians protest in Malaysia

Sucking tear gas and laced-water

Monday, September 03, 2007

How to increase the VMWare (preallocated) disk space.

I have started using ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) recently. But for some of our office work, I needed older version of ubuntu(6.06). And for that I used VMWare.

Initially I allocated 6GB space to ubuntu 6.06 virtual machine, which I found that is not sufficient for my work. So decided to increase it to 10GB. And after some search in google found a way to increase VMWare disks spaces. Following blog entry is to record the steps which I followed and it might be useful for others also.

I initially tried to increase ubuntu6.06 virtual machine disk size using the following commands:
$cd /var/lib/vmware/Virtual Machines/Ubuntu6.04
$vmware-vdiskmanager -x 10Gb Ubuntu6.04.vmdk

It gave the following errors:
Using log file /tmp/vmware-msubramanian/vdiskmanager.log
This disk is part of a snapshot chain in '/var/lib/vmware/Virtual Machines/Ubuntu6.04/Ubuntu6.04.vmx'.
The selected operation can only be executed on a disk with no snapshots.

I found I have snapshots of ubuntu6.06 vmware disk.

Used the following method to remove the snapshots:
In the VMWare menu, used the Remove Snapshot option,
VM --> Remove Snapshot .. ( This is done while the Virtual machine is switched off)

Again tried using vmware-vdiskmanager it worked.

$vmware-vdiskmanager -x 10Gb Ubuntu6.04.vmdk
Using log file /tmp/vmware-msubramanian/vdiskmanager.log
Grow: 100% done.
The old geometry C/H/S of the disk is: 783/255/63
The new geometry C/H/S of the disk is: 1305/255/63
Disk expansion completed successfully.

WARNING: If the virtual disk is partitioned, you must use a third-party
utility in the virtual machine to expand the size of the
partitions. For more information, see:

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tamil blogging community gets media coverage.

Oflate the number of bloggers who write in tamil language have grown considerably. I assume there could be more than 1000 active tamil blogs currently. aggregator(which I maintain) aggregates content from about 650 tamilblogs.

Recently tamil bloggers held a get together in chennai. And it was covered by popular tamil TV channel Makkal TV. This TV show can be seen in YouTube here. This sort of media coverage for a bloggers get together is a good sign. This will help to get attention of the public towards blogging. And this will lead to increase in the number of tamil bloggers.

I would love to see a strong & responsible tamil blogging community which will act as an alternate media.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

tamilblogs opensourced!

I have been maintaining for sometime. This is a blogs aggregator which aggregates over 650 blogs written in my native language tamil . Initially I created using an opensource blogs aggregatory - gregarius . Later due to performance issues I switched to another opensource blogs aggregator called lilina.

Later I added mysql database support to tamilblogs using code from another similar opensource project lylina. Some of my tamil blogger friends have requested me for the complete sourcecode of the software used in tamilblogs. After few more such requests I thought opensourcing this tamilblogs software would be helpful to many.

Thus was born the new blogs aggregator by name tamilblogs here:

Right now one of blogger masivakumar has joined me in this project. I hope many more will join and enhance this project.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tamil Song Search

Recently thro one of my friend I got to know about this website:
Its a wonderful service. Using this we can search for a particular song and start hearing it. The search can be made based on the song name or movie name.

For example, I am great fan of late MGR's songs. When I typed MGR in the search bar, it brought me some of the MGR's songs as below.

There are thousands of tamil songs around, its really very useful software.

I wonder why no tamil techie has thought about this earlier (including me :) ) !

Great work! Thanks a lot Anand for creating this.