Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tamils Protest in Malaysia

I have lived in Malaysia for about 4 years and have known the problems faced by the tamil community.

I watched with heavy heart some of the videos in the net. The way the peaceful protest were handled by Malaysian authorities is very bad. The world leaders should condemn this.

Ethnic Indians protest in Malaysia

Sucking tear gas and laced-water


Rajesh said...

What are they protesting against?
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Anonymous said...

If those in power will not stop genocide, then we, the world’s people can do something if we all work together.

Boycott Sri Lanka.
After the last Tamil is forcibly removed, do not travel to Sri Lanka, do not spend money there, do not do business there, do not support their economy, do not buy Sri Lankan products, do not print the Sri Lankan self-justifications why they were unable to live with another people.