Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How to enable code completion for Laravel 5 in Netbeans.

I have been using netbeans as my PHP IDE for a long time. I started learning and using laravel php framework recently. My preferred IDE for my PHP projects is netbeans. First thing I wanted is to enable code completion support for laravel in netbeans.  I explored a little and found the following simple way to do this.

1. Downloaded _ide_helper.php file from github Gist(by github user: barryvdh):

2. Place the above file (_ide_helper.php) in laravel root folder(as shown below).

3. Restart netbeans and opened your laravel project.

4. Now autocompletion will be enabled for laravel specific code as shown below:

I hope this will help other netbeans + Laravel users.

For more details refer to the following: