Sunday, April 01, 2007

tamilblogs opensourced!

I have been maintaining for sometime. This is a blogs aggregator which aggregates over 650 blogs written in my native language tamil . Initially I created using an opensource blogs aggregatory - gregarius . Later due to performance issues I switched to another opensource blogs aggregator called lilina.

Later I added mysql database support to tamilblogs using code from another similar opensource project lylina. Some of my tamil blogger friends have requested me for the complete sourcecode of the software used in tamilblogs. After few more such requests I thought opensourcing this tamilblogs software would be helpful to many.

Thus was born the new blogs aggregator by name tamilblogs here:

Right now one of blogger masivakumar has joined me in this project. I hope many more will join and enhance this project.


Pranni said...

If time permits, let me try to fix some issue and submit a patch.

Good work :-)

Mugunth said...

Thanks a lot pranni. If you like, i can add you as a member to the project. Please let me thro private email.

prasanth said...

Hi, I was wondering if you know of any Tamil Language packs compatible with Firefox 2?

shanmugham said...

hi i was wondering if you have seen this site ,
this is for converting into tamil scripts,
do visit
it will help you to publish tamil scripts very peacefully
it ofllows the tamil99 keyboard layout

M Chandrakaran Samy said...

I always use Its better than anything else by a hundred times. The site is very fast for singapore and india!

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