Friday, August 12, 2005

XandrOS Linux - excellent choice for Newbies

I Have recently formated my system and installed WindowsXP and Xandros Linux in dual boot mode. So far I am able to most of my work using Xandros instead of relying on Windows.

So far I am able to the following in Xandros:
1. Connect to BSNL Broadband internet.
2. Able to install ttf fonts.
3. View Tamil internet pages - Tamil rendering is very good.
4. Print Documents.
5. Access my windows partition files
6. Run windows applications like notepad, Internet Explorer in Xandros Linux using Crossover office setup.
7. Open/edit/create all the microsoft word/Excel/powerpoint files using Openoffice

My major irritant with Xandros as of now:
I am not able to type in Tamil. Tried all the available tamil IM utilities but so far not able to succeed..

Need to hack the Input methods to create a suitable typing utility...

Besides the above problem in typing tamil, for other English usage , Xandros linux seems to be an excellent choice for ordinary users.

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