Thursday, December 14, 2006

TamilKey 0.3 (Thamizh Visai) released.

TamilKey or ThamizhVisai(as its called in tamil) is an extension for typing tamil inside firefox,thunderbird & chatzilla. Its one of the projects initiated and being maintained by a group tamil freesoftware volunteers under

Tamilkey version 0.3 was released on 12 Dec 2006 and release anouncement was made by our team member Gopi in freetamilcomputing list.

This release has following new features:
1. Support for Bamini and Typewriter keyboard layouts.
Bamini keyboard is popular among Srilankan Tamils and Typewriter keyboard is popular among the Tamil Nadu tamils.

2. User Shortcut option - Now users can set their own shortcuts for various keyboard settings and for switching from english to tamil typing.

3. And also many bugs were fixed in this release.

Almost all the development work related to this version 0.3 was done by Gopi. And also Freetamilcomputing list members Ravi, Thi.Va., Sethu contributed to this release greatly by testing this release and finding bugs.

This can be downloaded from the following locations:


வடுவூர் குமார் said...

திரு முகுன்த்
ஃயர் பாக்ஸ் 2 உங்கள் தமிழ் கீயும் அருமையாக வேலை செய்கிறது.
எவ்விதமான புற மென்பொருட்கள் இல்லாமல் நேரிடையாகவே வைப்பூக்களில் பின்னூடம் இடமுடிகிறது.
நன்றி- தமிழ் மக்கள் சார்பில்.

ரத்தினகிரி said...

தமிழ் விசை தமிழன்னைக்கு முகுந்த் அவர்களின் அன்புக் காணிக்கை!

தமிழ் மக்களின் சார்பில் மிக்க நன்றி.

Unknown said...

I have added this in your addons review. I need an imediate solution.So I'm putting that here too.

Please attention to this review as soon as possible. There is a big problem now on your extension you haven't fixed yet.
After installing tamilkey now there will be no select menu in right click option. But still we can launch fonts using shortcuts. (Alt + F keys).
But after selecting a font (Let's say Anjal) when we type in the box that box will become blink. Just check those.
I know the reason for this. Not reason actually I know from when it's coming like this. One of my sinhala friend want to create a extension like tamil key to write sinhala font. So I suggest him this tamil key. He has downloaded that using internet explorer. He edited that Tamilkey to create his tool. He replaced one of the font and added a sinhala font. After that he checked it in the firebox. I hope at that moment he has affected the Tamilkey. I know in my machine after installing that only I'm facing those problems.
Later I used an older version I had in my backup. (Version 0.3.2). It's working normally. I checked and find that when we updating that to the current version (0.4) we have to face those problems.
I know he has made that blink for text boxes. He said he can't type sinhala letters in normal text boxes. So he is making them as blink. Now they are in tamilkey also.
Now I think he have fixed his errors at he has put it on developers page. Currently it's in sandbox in the name of Sinhalakey.
So please fix these errors in tamilkey as soon as possible.I think you can easily revert to your older version.

Thank you

If you wish Contact me through

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I have added this in your addons review. I need an imediate solution.So I'm putting that here too.

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